Our expert team specializes in culture at work programs, cultural etiquette consulting, and workplace transition programs and services.

The “face” of the Canadian workplace is changing. Labour sources suggest that by 2015, the majority of growth in the Canadian labour pool will be New Canadians and Internationally Trained Professionals.To thrive amidst the impact of this significant change, progressive Canadian businesses are seeking to understand the needs and cultural perspectives of New Canadians and to effectively incorporate Internationally Educated Professionals and New Canadians into their Canadian work forces.

Accordingly, culture training; for individuals, for families, for community and government organizations, and for businesses is essential.

The team of experts, at The Center for Organizational Cultural Competence (COCC) serve to meet the needs of individuals and employers who want to:

  • assess their readiness to adapt to pending demographic changes in their organization
  • attract and retain qualified employees from the growing multi- cultural labour pool
  • increase their organizational cultural competence and build cross-cultural communication skills
  • build capacity through a commitment to in-house training and development
  • foster respectful communications and civility in the workplace

The Center  offers training, presentations, and educational tools related to managing change, addressing diversity, building organizational cultural competence, and leveraging differences at work. Fostering inclusiveness is good business for Canadians in every occupational sector.

The team at the COCC includes experts in organizational issues, intercultural competence trainers, English as additional language instructors, cultural perspective advisors, and experienced competency and transferable skills analysts.

Lew Bayer, President of Civilityexperts.com nominated
for RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2009

The COCC head office is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Satellite offices are located in:

Canadian Offices Include:
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

International Office
Dubai, Hong Kong, Italy, Lebanon

United States Offices Include:
Indiana, Texas & New York

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