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Culture Coach

COMING SOON: mlearing: Manners on the go…Mobile training for busy parents, educators, and professionals.


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The Cultural Communication Guide

The Cultural Communication Guide by Cook Ross. The guide is an easy-to-use resource for fostering cross-cultural communication, increasing comfort with diverse cultural styles, and learning how to communicate in ways that are meaningful and inclusive.  *COCC is the Canadian distributor for Cook Ross who developed and owns the Diversity Toolkit.

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The Diversity Toolkit is a unique resource designed for managers, leaders, and front-line workers that enables them to successfully build, manage, and thrive in their diverse organizations and work groups. There are two annual subscription versions — ‘The Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit’ for anybody interested in learning and practicing how to thrive in an increasingly diverse workforce and ‘The Diversity Manager’s Toolkit’ specifically for managers and leaders who are leveraging the benefits that diversity brings to the workforce. *COCC is the Canadian distributor for Cook Ross who developed and owns the Diversity Toolkit.

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The Culture ChallengeTM

Exclusive to  – Challenge your friends, family, or co-workers and play the Culture Challenge game. 100 knowledge-based questions on cultural traditions, immigration facts and interesting things you need to know to boost your cultural competence. Click here to place an order special offer $21.00 plus applicable taxes per game.

Civility at WorkSM Build Your Own Trainer Toolkit

If you are a workplace trainer, human resource professional, educator or employer – or if you are starting your own civility training business and/or want to add civility training to your current workshop schedule, you can build your own Civility Trainer toolkit by choosing from more than 100 civility, culture, and communication items including: Trainer’s lessons, Business Etiquette Briefs, Tipsheet Packs, Trainer Guides, Tailored Coaching sessions, books, games and more. Click here for a detailed listing and order form to build your own trainer toolkit today.

Culture Coach®

offers customized cross-cultural coaching sessions ideal for:

  • preparing employees to work outside of North America
  • Managers and others who need to understand procedures and protocol for communicating with other cultures, (e.g., proposals, recruiting, marketing, promotions)
  • organizations who want to better understand the cultures of Internationally Educated Professionals and/or immigrant employees
  • general interest, e.g., to increase personal and/or professional cultural competence.

Civility at WorkSM Individual Trainer Lessons

COCC offers ready-to-go Trainer lessons on civility at work as well as more than 75 additional options for training tools and materials. Click here to visit the shopping cart.

Cultural Concierge Services

COCC is proud to offer cultural concierge services to help employers, and/or individuals meet the re-settlement needs of executives, professionals, and their families. Please email contact us for more info.

Business Culture Reports

Reports on international business culture covering 19 major trading countries. Five reports are offered for each country:

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Coming Soon….

  • English as Additional Language Applications in the WorkplaceToolkit
  • Mediating Conflict in the Workplace Toolkit